What we do

The Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation funds research for a brighter future. We are the only Australian foundation focused purely on funding laboratory research into all gynaecological cancers. By providing research grants to Australia’s best and brightest minds, we will find new ways to screen, treat and conquer gynae cancers.

All profits from fundraising initiatives and all monies raised from donations go towards the AGCF research grant, funding brilliant minds focused on conquering gynae cancers. $110,000 raised will fund a grant for an early post-PhD scientist for one year. Our goal is to fund 10 grants per year, so we need to raise $1,100,000 per year.


Funding is generated from corporate and public donations. Grants are used to fund research aimed at improving the prevention, long-term survival and quality of life for patients diagnosed with a gynae cancer. Processes for allocation of research grants are competitive, peer-reviewed, transparent, coordinated and not conflicted. Results of research are published nationally and internationally. The Foundation has a less than 12% overhead.


The AGCF reached a major milestone in early 2017, with the first two-year research grant funded by major sponsorship from The Way In Network, additional help from companies like Ure Lynam, Elliston, the Panthers Rugby Club and generous donations from the public.

This grant allowed the AGCF to appoint one brilliant medical mind, Dr Dane Cheasley, to focus purely on a research project into genetic links amongst chemo resistant patients with low-grade serous carcinoma. The goal? Gene-targeted therapy and a potential cure. Read more about Dr Dane Cheasley’s project.

In 2018, Dr Aime Powell was the second recipient of the fellowship for her research project: “Aboriginal women at increased risk of cervical cancer incidence and mortality: Quantifying the risk in an era of national prevention programs.” You can read an update on Dr Powell’s research here.

We continue our efforts to raise funds for another research grant. Our recent Cindy Sullivan Race Day was a huge success, along with our Carmen Duncan fundraising lunch#OneForYourMum campaign and Cindy Sullivan birthday celebration.