These stories encompass success and loss, some are written by our friends on their journey through gynaecological cancer and some are video stories.

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Loraine’s Story

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Loraine Peck was one of the lucky 7% of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer who could be cured with surgery alone. Once she had recovered, she was talking to her…

Merle on Ovarian Cancer – the Silent Killer

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For seven months from the beginning of 2009 I experienced uncharacteristic tiredness, weight loss and increasing pain. Stomach ulcers were finally diagnosed. Several months later, despite repeated tests showing that…

Roxene on Ovarian Cancer

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For the past three and a half years I have been on a journey, a journey that I did not expect and quite frankly, it is a journey that I…

Carol on Vaginal Cancer

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In 2011 I felt a lump in the vaginal region while showering. I did not hesitate to make an appointment for investigation. The swab results indicated that I needed to…

Margaret on BRCA2 Mutation

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My journey started with my father in late 2004. Family members had suggested my 89 year old father be tested for the mutant gene BRCA2. His mother had died of…

Marjorie on ovarian cancer

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In March 2002 I went to see my GP about a lump in my right groin. I was sent off for a biopsy because we were pretty sure it was…

Tracey Hong on ovarian cancer

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I was admitted to Liverpool Hospital for emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction. To finally wake up in Intensive Care on assisted ventilation with a diagnosis of advanced Ovarian Cancer.…

Lisa Banfield on cervical cancer

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My initial diagnosis of cervical cancer came almost too late. I undertook a routine pap smear in 1996 in my then home in New Zealand. When the results came back…

Cindy Sullivan

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Cindy Sullivan was a friend to the AGCF. She was a tireless supporter of events to raise funds for research. Sadly, Cindy died on the 20th of March 2017, well before…