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Leave a gift in your Will

A lasting impact

By leaving a gift to AGCF in your Will, you are creating a lasting impact for future generations of Australian women affected by gynae cancer.  It is such a beautiful way to ensure your generosity and commitment to our cause continues beyond your lifetime.

We have come up with suggested wording that you might find useful when preparing your Will.  In saying that, we highly recommend you seek legal advice before drafting or updating your Will.

Suggested Wording

“I give and bequeath to the Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation for their work in funding research into the prevention of, screening for and treatment of gynaecological cancers in Australia

 [list here the percentage] percent of my estate, and/or

[list here the percentage] percent of the residue of estate, and/or

[list here the specific amount of money or items],

 free of all death and estate duties and I declare that the official receipt of the Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my Executors.”

Bequest types can be combined. For example, a bequest could include a fixed amount followed by “or,” then a percentage of the residual, followed by the words “whichever is the greater,” to help ensure a minimum size of a bequest.

If you wish your bequest to benefit research into a particular type of gynae cancer, for example endometrial cancer, please ensure that you specify this in your Will.

Should you have any questions, please contact us on +61 401 512 167 or email [email protected].

Who we are

We are the Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation.  The only organisation that focuses on funding laboratory research into all eight gynae cancers.

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