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Put your best foot forward!

Purchase a pair of these quirky vulva socks and 10% of proceeds will be donated to AGCF.

Looking closely at lady parts!

Did you know there are 8 gynae cancers that can affect a woman’s reproductive system?

It's all in the research!

Funded research will help prevent incredible Australian women from dying every 4 hours from a gynae cancer.

A little about us

We are the Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation (AGCF). That’s right, the only organisation that focuses on funding laboratory research into all 8 gynae cancers. We provide research grants to Australia’s best and brightest medical brains, so they can find new ways to screen, treat, and conquer gynae cancers.

On the frontline… An insight into endometrial cancer research

The Australian Gynaecological Cancer Research Foundation provides grants to create new postdoctoral fellowship opportunities that support a research project, aligned to the AGCF priorities.  The fellowship is designed to support an outstanding science, nursing, allied health, or medical graduate, who has completed a PhD within the last 5 years and seeks funding to undertake further research.

On this occasion, ‘Our Brilliant Minds Program’ is funding much-needed research into endometrial cancer.  AGCF, in collaboration with the Mazda Foundation, is pleased to be supporting Dr Dongli Liu at the Lowy Institute, for this important research.

Put simply, we fund research, and our brilliant researchers find a cure.  Together, we’re giving women hope.

A gift of hope this tax time

Our lady parts are precious gems, yet cancer research into our parts is hideously underfunded.

But this is where you can help!

By making a tax deductable donation by June 30, you can help raise much-needed funds for gynae cancer research, as well as raise awareness about these 8 dreadful cancers.

Together, we’re giving women hope.

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Who we are

We are the Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation.  The only organisation that focuses on funding laboratory research into all eight gynae cancers.

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Together, we’re giving women hope.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductable in Australia.

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