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Our commitment

Committed to early detection. Committed to saving lives.

We don’t want to alarm you, but do you have 20 close female friends?  Sadly, one of them will experience a gynae cancer and right now, she probably doesn’t even know it’s growing inside her.

Every 1.3 hours, an Australian woman is diagnosed with a gynae cancer.  And every 4 hours an Australian woman will die from a gynae cancer.  Almost one third of these women will die within 5 years. This is just staggering.  But we can change it through research.

Research works.  We know this from breast cancer. Fifty years ago, breast cancer and gynae cancer had a similar survival rate: less than 70%.  Now, breast cancer has a survival rate of 92% but gynae cancer survival is still only 68%.  What happened?  How did breast cancer survival leapfrog ahead so fast?  Breast cancer receives much more funding from charity than gynae cancer.  At least ten times more.

So, we want to even up the playing field.  Our research grants will give women with gynae cancer a fighting chance.  They will give women hope.

We fund research.  Our brilliant researchers find a cure. It’s that simple.  Early detection saves lives.  Research means early detection.

Our Brilliant Minds Program

We’re committed to research into all 8 gynae cancers.

The Australian Gynaecological Cancer Research Foundation provides grants to create new postdoctoral fellowship opportunities that support a research project, aligned to the AGCF priorities.  The fellowship is designed to support an outstanding science, nursing, allied health or medical graduate, who has completed a PhD within the last 5 years and seeks funding to undertake further research.

The graduate’s research focus must be directed towards improvement of understanding and/or management of gynae cancers.  The successful applicant will have access to a strong foundation of research support services, including opportunities for professional development and the mentoring and expertise of experienced gynae cancer researchers.

Who we are

We are the Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation.  The only organisation that focuses on funding laboratory research into all eight gynae cancers.

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Together, we’re giving women hope.

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