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28 February is #RareDiseaseDay

Every year on the 28 February, there is a global movement to generate change for people who have a rare disease, their families and carers. It’s an opportunity to talk about the diagnoses that are so often sidelined in the conversation.

Sadly, many gynaecological cancers are part of this stigma. At the AGCF, we know that not only are many gynae cancers rare, they’re also in a part of the body that many people feel uncomfortable to talk about. That’s why this #RareDiseaseDay we want you to share the facts on gynae cancer and get everybody talking about lady parts.

Share the facts

Help us raise awareness for rare gynaecological cancers and reduce the stigma by sharing these facts on social media on February 28. Together, we can shine a light on lady parts and gain funding for gynae cancer.

You can encourage your followers to donate to the AGCF so we can keep fighting rare gynaecological cancers and save women’s lives.

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