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Cindy Sullivan

Cindy Sullivan was a friend to the AGCF. She was a tireless supporter of events to raise funds for research. Sadly, Cindy died on the 20th of March 2017, well before her time. Cindy’s cervical cancer could not be cured.

To mark her passing, the AGCF renamed its annual race day, the Cindy Sullivan Memorial Race Day.

This event was an outstanding success, and a great tribute to Cindy, who was loved and admired by so many people. Backed by the tremendous effort put in by Cindy’s immediate family, Michael, Annabel, Cormac and Sophie, the event raised enough funds to create the Cindy Sullivan Fellowship.

The Sullivan’s have indicated they would like to make this memorial to Cindy an annual event.

We hope to be able to introduce the first Cindy Sullivan Fellowship recipient at next year’s Race Day.