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Research report from AGCF fellowship recipient Dr Dane Cheasley

We’re incredibly proud to share the research report from our first fellowship recipient.

Dr Dane Cheasley BBiolSc (hons), PhD from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne was selected as the successful applicant for the AGCF and Way in Network Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Award in 2017. This was the first Postdoctoral Fellowship grant that the AGCF awarded and Dr Cheasley has achieved incredible results.

His research project titled Genomic analysis of low‐grade serous ovarian carcinoma to identify key drivers and therapeutic vulnerabilities focused on detecting genetic commonalities between patients with low-grade serous carcinoma in order to develop new gene (or targeted) therapies for treatment.

As part of this research, Dr Cheasley and an international team amassed the largest sample base of low-grade serous cancerous tissues for genetic research in the world. You can read the published research report below.