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Getting to know the AGCF Board – Loraine Peck

The workings of the AGCF are made possible by a board of volunteers who donate their time to help raise awareness and money for gynae cancers. We thought it would be nice to highlight the people behind the organisation, so you can get to know us and why we’re out here fighting the good fight.

First up, the multi-talented Loraine Peck tells us a bit about herself.

“I’ve always wanted to write the kind of book I love to read: crime fiction. During my first writing course, in 2017, I wrote the first draft of THE SECOND SON and beat ovarian cancer (with the help of Professor Neville Hacker). I joined the board of the AGCF in early 2018 with the hope of making a difference.

My manuscript snagged the attention of two literary agents, one in London and the other in Sydney. After an auction between publishers, I signed a two-book deal with Text Publishing. Then the hard work really began. The last draft of my book coincided with beating breast cancer, in 2020. This book is my lucky charm. 

The Second Son was published in February 2021 and I was blessed with a covid-free window to attend launch parties, bookstore events, radio interviews, even a live appearance on Studio Ten. As many debut writers have launched their books on Zoom over the last eighteen months, I know how incredible it was for me to have those in-real-life experiences. 

I couldn’t believe it when I found out my book had been shortlisted for a Ned Kelly Award for Best Debut Crime Fiction. Winning the most prestigious crime writing award in Australia felt ridiculous. The look on my parents’ faces as I accepted the award was priceless. I’m very grateful and hard at work on the sequel.”