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Looking closely at our AGCF Ambassadors

They are our advocates. They are our volunteers who provide us with more people power. And they are our voice in the community. Without our Ambassadors, we wouldn’t be able to spread awareness about the 8 gynaecological cancers.

In February, our Ambassadors came together over Zoom for our first ever Ambassadors meeting. This gave everyone an opportunity to meet each other and talk about ways to raise awareness and funds for research.

Our Ambassadors are passionate about finding early screening and detection for all gynaecological cancers and hope that their community profiles will assist AGCF in getting women talking and asking questions. 

Most of our Ambassadors have seen first-hand the effects of living with a gynaecological cancer and want to ensure that women in the future are given hope and better survival rates. Because of this, they are willing to be advocates for more funding for research.

You will be hearing more from our inspiring Ambassadors in the coming months.

AGCF Ambassadors

Annabel Sullivan
Yvonne McKinley
Michelle Bishop

Annie Tang – The Way In Network
Dr Dean Cheasley

Marie Ficarra OAM
Dr Ellen Barlow

Dr Aime Powell
Marion Farrelly

Sadly, we farewell Paula Duncan as an AGCF Ambassador. Paula brought so much energy and passion to the AGCF and celebrated the life of her sister Carmen by ensuring research for gynae cancer was a priority. We can’t thank Paula enough and wish her all the best as she continues to advocate for life-saving treatment for women.

If you’d like to become an AGCF Ambassador or know someone who would be a good fit, please contact Kim at [email protected]