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#OneForYourMum – Annabel Sullivan

In honour of Mother’s Day, we asked some AGCF ambassadors to share a special story about their mum. This is Annabel’s story about her mum, Cindy.

Annabel and Cindy Sullivan

“Mom and I were sitting on the couch in our living room… it was well before I was even engaged to my husband. We were online browsing, we often did and stumbled across Valentino’s newest collection on the runway. As we were watching stunning piece after piece walk down the runway, one particularly stunning dress stood out like to us both. Mom gasped as she said, “Annabel, that’s your wedding dress”. Mom then found it available online for purchase and we decided to pull the trigger and just go for it. At this point, Mom was sick so this was an exciting moment for us both to dream about my future wedding (even though I wasn’t even engaged!). The only deal was, I was not allowed to tell my dad about this impulse purchase. “Annabel, you must promise me you will not tell your father about this”, mom, said. So I went on with my daily life, eagerly awaiting the arrival of my dress.

It was about a week later when my dad approached me, “Annabel, I had a large charge on my Amex, would you know anything about this?”, “Nope, no idea? No? What are you talking about?” I said. He kept on questioning me and I kept on lying. Turns out… Mom had admitted everything to him and kept me in the dark… gee, thanks, Mom!

I wore that very dress we bought together on my wedding day, and although she wasn’t there physically, I felt her presence every step of the way.”

– Annabel Sullivan

To celebrate your Mum, we’d love for you to donate #OneForYourMum. This campaign encourages people to make a single donation to the AGCF. All money raised is used to fund important research that will help save women’s lives around the world – women like our strong mums. 

Copy and paste the below to your social media and share a special story all about your Mum. 

Join me this Mother’s Day by making a donation and posting a special memory of you and your mum to social media with the hashtag #oneforyourmum. Donate to the Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation here:

Happy Mother’s Day.