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#OneForYourMum – Jessica Orcsik

In honour of Mother’s Day, we asked some friends of the AGCF to share a special story about their mum. This is Jess’s story about her mum and our Ambassador, Paula.

Jessica Orcsik and her mum, Paula Duncan

My mother is one of the greatest people I have ever met! Never a dull moment and always the life of the party, my mother is my best friend, my sister, my mother and my daughter rolled into one.

You really never know what to expect – what you do know is that her heart is pure with every intention. She’s always encouraged me to be brave, even in the face of adversity. She’s taught me that kindness goes a long way and doing things for others is the quickest way to remind you of appreciation.

Whilst nothing in my life has ever been conventional (truth be told my upbringing feels like a series of movies in almost every genre), I’m proud to say I think my character arc has been one of the greatest journeys for anyone to watch. I owe that to her and my very unpredictable, exciting rollercoaster childhood. I know my mother feels guilt sometimes – maybe she worked too much, maybe she could’ve made different decisions, been a better parent. Honestly, I think it’s only in this moment right now when I am faced with so many challenges that I see how truly brave I am. I know I couldn’t have made it this far without her. She did everything she could for me with the tools she was given and I am so grateful for who she has allowed me to become.

If you looked up heart of gold in the dictionary I know you would see a photo of my mother! I miss her every day, but she told many years ago that she will always be with me on every journey I take in my life. Today is no different. I’m over the other side of the world but I know she is with me and supporting me to be strong, capable, kind, creative and honest. All the qualities she possesses! 

Happy Mothers Day Mummy! Love you more than words can say!

– Jessica Orcsik

To celebrate your Mum, we’d love for you to donate #OneForYourMum. This campaign encourages people to make a single donation to the AGCF. All money raised is used to fund important research that will help save women’s lives around the world – women like our strong mums. 

Copy and paste the below to your social media and share a special story all about your Mum. 

Join me this Mother’s Day by making a donation and posting a special memory of you and your mum to social media with the hashtag #oneforyourmum. Donate to the Australian Gynaecological Cancer Foundation here:

Happy Mother’s Day.