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Say hello to those who make the AGCF great

At the December 2021 AGCF Annual General Meeting, the Board was proud to welcome two new board members and several new volunteers for important subcommittees that will assist us in raising awareness and driving our vision.

Without further ado, say a big warm hello to our new Board members: Luke McClure and Ella Ambarchi.

Luke McClure has a deep connection to the mission of AGCF as he lost his Mum to endometrial cancer in 2019. After his loss, he wanted a way to give back and hopes that one day there will be a cure for all types of gynaecological cancers. Luke joins the board as a highly experienced finance and operations professional with a strong background in transformation, driving process improvement, analytical insight, innovation, and relationship management.

Ella Ambarchi is the current General Manager of Strategy and Transformation at RSL LifeCare and brings expertise in business strategy, marketing, branding, governance and stakeholder strategy to the AGCF. Ella has a genuine passion to assist AGCF fund research as several people close to her have suffered from cancer. Research and clinical trials saved the life of her Mum and she is therefore eager to drive awareness of the importance of research.

At the time of appointing our new Board members, the AGCF Board also re-structured and has now set up subcommittees to focus on specific aspects and goals of the organisation.

 Board subcommittees:

  • Risk and Finance: Leonie Young, Luke McClure and Rob Price
  • Governance: Leonie Young, Rob Price and Ella Ambarchi
  • Fundraising: Kim Downes, Robyn Kanat, Michelle McKinnon and Neville Hacker
  • Marketing: Loraine Peck, Marion Farrelly, Emma Frizzell, Sarah Mould and Kim Downes

 Thank you everyone! We look forward to working together in 2022 and beyond.