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8 ways to give hope to women this #GivingTuesday

30 November is an opportunity to give back to the charities and organisations that make a difference in people’s lives. Here are 8 ways you can give back to the AGCF to fight the 8 gynaecological cancers and give hope to all women.

About Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a campaign which celebrates generosity in our communities. Every year, not-for-profit organisations give their time and energy to people, animals, and the environment so that we can all live happy, healthy lives. November 30 is your chance to say thank you to not-for-profits and harness the power of connection by encouraging those around you to support the charities that make a difference in your life.

November 30 is your chance to say thank you

“Giving Tuesday is about stopping and recognising the community around us and it is a time to give back,” says AGCF Acting CEO, Kimberly Downes. “If you are a volunteer or a donor, in any capacity, then you are a philanthropist. And donating doesn’t have to be millions – it could be $5 or $25. Giving Tuesday gives us all an opportunity as we go into the giving season to reflect on what is important to us and who we want to help.”

For the AGCF, this means raising awareness of the 8 gynecological cancers. We are the only organisation that funds laboratory research from the best and brightest minds so that they can find new ways to screen, treat and cure all 8 gynaecological cancers. 

With the lifetime risk of a woman developing gynaecological cancer 1 in 20 and only a 68% survival rate, Kim says this is more important than ever. “Every person has a woman in their life who may suffer from one of these in her lifetime,” says Kim. “And that’s what we’re trying to do – save people’s lives.”

8 ways you can give back to fight the 8 gynaecological cancers


Raise awareness for the AGCF

We encourage you to share #MyGivingStory to social media and join the millions of acts of generosity that happen across the country and inspire others to give too. Tell us about your connection with the AGCF and let your followers know about the 8 gynaecological cancers.


Become a volunteer

Volunteering your time with AGCF is a wonderful way for you to get involved. From office work to our key events, we have volunteering opportunities to suit your time, energy, skills and interests.




Fundraising can be a rewarding experience and a fun way to contribute to a good cause. You may be interested in raising money as an individual, school, group or team. Ideas include a bake sale, morning tea, raffles or even personal challenges like hiking!



Host an event

You may want to host an event to get more people talking about the AGCF and raise money to help save women. This can be an opportunity for your loved ones to get together and celebrate for an important cause.

Host an event


Become a corporate sponsor

We rely on the motivation, enthusiasm and determination of companies to raise vital funds for anyone affected by a gynaecological cancer. AGCF works with companies across corporate sponsorship, volunteering, philanthropy, event sponsorship and pro-bono services.

Email us


Encourage your work to get involved

Let your bosses know that you want to give back to the AGCF! Your workplace could host an event, raise money and get all people talking about the 8 gynaecological cancers.



You can donate directly to the AGCF. Your money will be used to create new postdoctoral fellowship opportunities that support a research project to help save women’s lives. For women and families affected by cancer, this hope means more than you can ever know.



Sign up to regular giving

If you want to contribute on more than one day, you can sign up for regular giving. This provides a steady and predictable source of funding for women’s cancer research. Regular gifts can be any amount that fits with your budget.

Sign up

Thank you for supporting women and the AGCF this #GivingTuesday.